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1916 Douglas County, Minnesota Plat Map, showing townships.

Douglas County, Minnesota is rectangular in shape and divided into 20 townships, which have a township board as the local governing body. There are five townships across from west to east, and four down, north to south. Each township is approximately six miles square, totaling an area of 36 square miles. A township is divided into 36 sections with each section being one mile square and containing 640 acres of land.

When townships were originally surveyed, they were given Township and Range numbers to identify them. Later, proper names were also given to the townships, but many searches and land descriptions still rely on the Township and Range numbering system.  In the township list below, you can see the Township and Range descriptions for each.  Also, see the above map for details.


The Douglas County Historical Society is a great place to research township information. We have history files for many aspects of each township, plat maps dating from 1886 to present day, showing owners of farms and land, churches and cemetery records organized by township, land records back to the original homesteaders, township maps color coded by ethnicity/origins, and historic land transfer record books for each township which give the names and dates of the ownership of the properties. (We have this for both farms, and individual lots)


Visit this Minnesota Historical Society page for a link to a 1920 edition digital copy of Warren Upham’s book “Minnesota Geographic Names” for the stories behind the names of Douglas County places, lakes and streams.  Douglas County place names begin on page 175 of the digitized 1920’s book.  There is also information on how to purchase the current edition of the book.


You can also find the 1916 State of Minnesota Plat Maps including the Douglas County Plat Map, online. It is digitized and interactive. Plat maps show the names of farm owners written on their parcel of land.  Searching through each map can be challenging, but DCHS has indexed the names of the landowners, so contact us if you can’t find the homesteader you are seeking.

Click here for a link to the 1916 Interactive Minnesota Plat Map  (Be patient, it takes a while to load.)

If your ancestor was one of the original first homesteaders in Douglas County, MN or anywhere in the United States, you can search for their homestead location, land description and other documents at this website:



Adkinsville Township (later became Moe Township)

Alexandria Township (T 128 N, R 37 W)

Belle River Township (T 129 N, R 36 W)

Brandon Township (T 129 N, R 39 W)

Carlos Township (T 129 N, R 37 W)

Chippewa Township (later renamed Brandon Township)

Evansville Township (T 129 N, R 40 W)

Holmes City Township (T 127 N, R 39 W)

Hudson Township (T 127 N, R 37 W)

Ida Township (T 129 N, R 38 W)

La Grand Township (T 128 N, R 38 W)

Lake Mary Township (T 127 N, R 38 W)

Leaf Valley Township (T 130 N, R 38 W)

Lund Township (T 130 N, R 40 W)

Maple Lake Township (became Hudson Township)

Maple Town Township (became Hudson Township)

Millerville Township (T 130 N, R 39 W)

Miltona Township (T 130 N, R 37 W)

Moe Township (T 128 N, R 39 W)

Orange Township (T 127 N, R 36 W)

Osakis Township (T 128 N, R 36 W)

Red Rock Township (renamed Urness Township)

Riverdale Township (became Belle River Township)

Roslyn Township (renamed Hudson Township)

Solem Township (T 127 N, R 40 W)

Spruce Hill Township (T 130 N,  R 36 W)

Urness Township (T 128 N, R 40 W)