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Alexandria Churches

“The earliest settlers to this area began planning for a church home almost before their own houses were erected.”
– quote by Minnie Osterholt

For information on the Spruce Hill Church, which the Douglas County Historical Society operates, click HERE.

“At first the settlers gathered in log homes and, led by a layman, worshipped much as they had in their native land. Later, circuit pastors, usually sent from various countries of northern Europe to watch over their flocks in the new land, would come as often as possible but rarely more than once every couple of months. Many a wedding, baptism, or other church-related ceremony, was held outdoors beneath a large tree, or, as so many church socials recorded, “by the grove” on someone’s farm. People often walked up to five miles or more just to attend congregational doings, many singing coming and going. School houses eventually were used for Sunday worship and prayer meetings.”
– quote by Alf Thompson

Today there are upwards of 100 churches in Douglas County. The Douglas County Historical Society has information and directories for most, including early records and up-to-date listings. Contact the Society for your individualized needs in finding church history.

City of Alexandria

  • Alexandria Baptist Chapel
  • Assembly of God
  • Berea Lutheran
  • Bethesda Lutheran
  • Calvary Lutheran
  • Christian Science Society
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Evangelical Covenant
  • Emmanuel Episcopal
  • Faith Baptist
  • Faith Community
  • First Baptist
  • First Congregational-United Church of Christ
  • First Congregational Church – City of Alexandria
  • First Lutheran (Norwegian Evangelical)
  • Free Methodist
  • Gospel Chapel
  • House of Prayer Ministries
  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Lake Community Free Church
  • Manor Hills Bible Chapel
  • New Life Christian Church
  • New Testament Church
  • Seventh Day Adventist
  • St. Mary’s Catholic
  • St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran
  • United Methodist
  • United Pentecostal
  • Zion Lutheran

Alexandria Township

  • Carmelites of Adoration
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran
  • Our Savior’s Lutheran – Nelson

Belle River Township

  • St. Nicholas Catholic

Brandon Township

  • Chippewa Lutheran
  • Grace Lutheran
  • St. Ann’s Catholic

Carlos Township

  • Bethany
  • Immanuel Lutheran
  • Trinity Lutheran
  • Union Church (Carlos Prairie)
  • Union Church – Carlos

Evansville Township

  • Assembly of God
  • Baptist Church of Evansville
  • Calvary Covenant
  • Faith Lutheran
  • Immanuel Evangelical
  • Our Savior’s Lutheran
  • Trinity Lutheran
  • Presbyterian Church of Evansville
  • Zionsborg Lutheran

Holmes City Township

  • Oscar Lake Lutheran
  • Swedish Baptist
  • Trinity Lutheran
  • Trysil Lutheran

Hudson Township

  • First Presbyterian
  • Hudson Free Methodist

Ida Township

  • Lake Chippewa Covenant
  • Lake Ida Evangelical Lutheran
  • St. John’s Lutheran
  • St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran

La Grand Township

  • Shalom Lutheran

Leaf Valley Township

  • Ebenezer Lutheran

Lund Township

  • Christina Lake Lutheran
  • First Mission

Millerville Township

  • Lake Moses Lutheran
  • Our Lady of Seven Dolors
  • Trinity Lutheran

Miltona Township

  • Faith Lutheran
  • Mount Calvary Lutheran
  • St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran

Moe Township

  • East Moe Lutheran
  • Finnish Apostolic Lutheran
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran
  • West Moe Lutheran

Osakis Township

  • Danish Lutheran
  • Emaus Lutheran
  • Fahlun Lutheran
  • First Presbyterian
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Osakis Free Methodist
  • Osakis Lutheran
  • Redeemer Lutheran
  • Union Church of Osakis
  • United Methodist

Solem Township

  • First Lutheran
  • Kensington Covenant
  • Our Lady of the Runestone
  • Solem Lutheran
  • Wennersborg Church

Urness Township

  • Fryksende Church
  • St. Petri Lutheran