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StoreMany authors have visited the Douglas County Historical Society for research while writing books on genealogy, history, and other topics such as the Kensington Runestone and pioneer days in America.

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Books of Douglas County Historical and/or Genealogical Interest:

Alexandria book coverAlexandria – Images of America, by Barbara Grover, $21.99

Alexandria – Postcard History Series, by Barbara Grover,  $21.99

Douglas County Cemeteries, An Information and Location Guide,  Douglas County Cemetery Association Publication,  $5.00 (Does not include cemetery records, but does include cemetery histories and map locations.)

A Green Hill Close By: Mound Grove Memorial Park, Evansville, Minnesota, by Jane Price McKinnon, Price $5.00

Holmes City 150th, 1858-2008, A Village and Township History, editor Kathryn (Tewes) Johnson, $15.00

The Kensington Runestone:  Compelling New Evidence, Nielsen, Richard & Wolter, Scott $32.00

Legends of the Hills, Pipo, Gabe $15.00

Myths of the Rune Stone, Krueger, David $24.95

Pocket Lake News, Weaver, Bertha (Mike) $20.00

Spruce Hill Remembered, Dahl, Mildred Anderson $50.00

Books of Minnesota Interest:

340909_CV_BigOle.pdf.pdfThe Big Ole Legend: An American Icon with Minnesota Roots, by Marjorie Van Gorp and Julie Zuehlke
Cabin Woolgathering  Dunkin, Beth $9.95
I Will Build Myself a Farm, King, Doris $11.50
Through the Windows of My Heart: Spiritual Poetry, Kuester, Helen $15.00
The Sunset Years, Kuester, Helen $15.00
Rays of Hope: Thoughts and Prayers from a Mother’s Heart, Devotions and Words from the Lord, by Helen Kuester, $15.00
Remembering . . . Life Story Triggers and Memory Essays, Buchheim, Hella $29.95
Unto a Land Most Beautiful, $6.95
We Are Not Alone: Evidences of the Supernatural Among Ordinary People, by Dr. Ben Arlen Johnson $9.85

Recipe Books of Local Interest:

Knute Nelson Cookbook, DCHS $15.00
Sharing Our Best Recipes, Bethesda Lutheran Church, Alexandria, MN $10.00

Junior Fiction of Historical Interest:

By Minnesota Author V. G. Hedner:
V.G-Hedner Georgie
1880’s Stagecoach Frenzy, Hedner, V. G. $6.95
Daring Trip through Sioux Land Hedner, V. G` $6.95
Georgie, Farm Boy of the Prairie Hedner, V. G. $6.95
Legendary Ox Cart & the Fur Trade, Hedner, V. G. $6.95


Lois Walfrid Johnson is a children’s book author from Minnesota. We have several books in her Viking Quest series, published between 2003 and 2006.
Viking Quest Series

Viking Quest Series, Johnson, Lois Walfrid $41.61 set/ 5

Individual books in the Viking Quest Series:
Heart of Courage, Johnson, Lois Walfrid $8.50
Invisible Friend, Johnson, Lois Walfrid $8.50
Mystery of the Silver Coins, Johnson, Lois Walfrid $8.50
Raiders From the Sea Johnson, Lois Walfrid $8.50
Raider’s Promise, Johnson, Lois Walfrid $8.50

From the Adventures of the North Woods Series, by Lois Walfrid Johnson:
The Disappearing Stranger, Lois Walfrid Johnson, $8.50.

Special Clearance Items

Close the Door Gently, Erling Rolfsrud ($5 originally) $FREE
This Was Our Livelihood- Vol 2, DCHS ($13 originally) $5
Portraits By Magel, by Magel Boyd, DCHS ($42.50 originally) $15

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