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Vintage Christmas Cards from Douglas County, MN

Merry Christmas!

Please enjoy these vintage Christmas cards from the DCHS collection. We are particularly grateful and excited to share these cards, as we are fortunate enough to know the year, message, and intended recipient for most of these greetings.

Most of these antique Christmas cards are divided back postcards. Between 1895-1945, postcards were an incredibly common medium for correspondence, particularly in the Midwest and Minnesota. Incredibly affordable, colorful, and accessible to the public, one estimate counted ten postcards sent per year per person at the height of postcard popularity in 1910. In some areas of rural Minnesota, a postcard could reach its intended recipient faster than a telegram.

Although many Christmas and holiday greetings have shifted to folded cards, long-form letters, emails, text messages, or social media posts, the tradition still endures.

Do you or your family still send cards during the holiday season?
Do you have any traditions associated with card sending?


Holiday Gnomes with Pipes and Poem – ‘Merry Christmas.’
Mailed in 1914.
Mailed to Mrs. Emil Walstrom of Kensington, Minnesota.
Two Children Eating Sweets – ‘A Very Merry Christmas.
Unknown year, potentially unsent card, circa 1910.
Boy Skating with Black Dog – ‘A Joyful Christmas’
Circa 1915.
No date stamp or address. “Herman Diedrich” was the only thing written on the back of this card, likely the same Herman Diedrich who received the orange ship card in 1932.
Poem on Blue Background with Rural Scene – ‘Christmas Greetings.’
Mailed in 1919 from Wichita, Kansas.
Message: “Here’s wishing you the best ever. – Emma Weeton.”
Mailed to Mrs. Amelia Unumb, Alexandria, Minn.
Rooster with Real Feathers – ‘A Merry Xmas.’
Mailed in 1903 or 1908 – stamp unclear.
Message: “To Elmer, from your Sister Celia, with good wishes.”
Winter Farm Scene inside Frame with Poinsettias and Greenery – ‘A Merry
Mailed in 1911.
Message: “Dear friend Minnie, I got home all right. You better come out to our Christmas tree. Good bye. From E. C. Write soon.”
Mailed to Miss Minnie Stenberg, Alexandria, Minn.
Cute Bear with Holiday Greenery – ‘I “Paws” To Wish You A Merry Christmas.’
Mailed in 1932.
Message: “Just got in – Feel pretty fair. Love, Cliff Aykken.”
Recipient unknown.
Blue Automobile Filled with Holiday Wreaths and Garland – ‘A Lucky Christmas’
Mailed in 1908 from Tacoma, Washington.
Message: “Wishing you Merry XMas and Happy New Year. Thea.”
Mailed to Mrs. E. Unumb, Alexandria, Douglas, Minn. #74
Winter Scene inside Horseshoe with Mistletoe – ‘Christmas Greetings.’
Mailed in 1911.
Message: “A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you from Willie. E.”
Mailed to Miss Minnie Stenberg, Osakis, Minn. R. #5.
Three Wise Men on Camels – ‘A Merry Christmas.’
Circa 1910, mailed card.
Message: “Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. From Lillian.”
Mailed to Waldemar, Alexandria, MN.
Horses with Flower Detail – ‘A Bright and Happy Christmas.’
Mailed in 1909.
Message: “Best wishes for the Holiday Season. From Edith & Alice.”
Mailed to Miss Virginia Unumb, Alexandria, Minnesota.
Orange Ship at Sea – ‘Christmas Greetings, All Happiness and Good Cheer to you and yours at Christmas.’
Mailed in 1932.
Message: “Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. From Robert Diedrich. P.P. Minnesota. R #5.
Mailed to Herman Diedrich, Parkers Prairie Minn. R #3.
American Flag – ‘Merry Christmas Soldier Laddie.’
No date, but likely WWI era.
Message: “With Love from Sister Peggy.”
Santa Claus / St. Nicholas Pushing a Sled with Presents and Tree – ‘Merry Christmas.’
Mailed in 1908 from Wisconsin.
Message: “We all wish you a Merry Xmas and a happy new year. From Noma and Dorothy Everson. [sp?]”
Mailed to Miss Virginia Unumb, Alexandria, Minn.