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DCHS seeks qualified professional for roofing project – Bid Specs Posting

BID SPECS – DCHS Roof 4.21.2022 – Click here for a PDF of the Bid Specifications

Bid Specifications – 4/21/2022

Roofing Project On The NRHP Designated Knute Nelson House

Douglas County Historical Society, Alexandria MN


This write up identifies work to be performed at the historic Knute Nelson House, a building on the National Register of Historic Places, which currently houses the Douglas County Historical Society. The structure is located at 1219 Nokomis Street in Alexandria, MN. The contractor will be required to complete all work in good, workmanlike manner in accordance with standard practices that are acceptable within that trade.

After a “Proceed to Work Order” has been issued, any changes must be in writing and approved by the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Historical Society and the contractor.

ATTENTION: Any sizes, quantities, and measurements indicated are close approximates. It is the responsibility of the contractor to determine all needs to complete the repair work identified in this work write-up.

  1. All materials shall be code approved. All work shall comply with existing codes.
  2. All of the materials and labor shall be furnished by the contractor, unless otherwise specified.
  3. The contractor must secure all necessary permits at their expense.
  4. The contractor shall be responsible for all necessary inspections required prior to final payment.
  5. All cuts, openings, and/or damage to existing conditions made by the contractors in completing the work project shall be properly repaired and patched to match existing conditions in good workmanlike manner and be made at the contractor’s expense.
  6. The contractor must be bonded and insured for this project.
  7. Work must be completed in a manner to preserve the structure’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places.
  8. All bids must be good for 120 days and work shall be completed in a timely manner.
  9. The contractor is to remove all debris from the property upon job completion. Materials removed are the property of the contractor unless prior arrangements have been made with the Douglas County Historical Society.
  10. Consideration should be given to local vendors for materials and labor as much as possible.

Sealed bids must be returned to the Douglas County Historical Society no later than NOON on Monday, May 16th, 2022, to be opened and reviewed at the next meeting of the DCHS Board of Directors. Should the contractor not be interested in bidding, please notify DCHS as soon as possible. Call 320-762-0382 or email brittany.johnson@dchsmn.org with any questions.

Deliver bids in-person or by US Mail to:

Douglas County Historical Society

1219 Nokomis Street

Alexandria, MN 56308





  • Remove all roofing materials down to roof deck and replace or repair rotted/damaged roof boards as needed.
  • Replace or repair underlayment, fascia, soffit, etc. as needed.
  • Replace all rotted and/or damaged roof boards, soffit, and fascia.
  • Install needed underlayment, drip edges, ice barriers, ridge caps, ventilation, etc.
  • Install flashing around chimneys.
  • Install appropriate historically styled modern-made shingles using required procedures for insurance requirements and building codes.
  • Dispose of existing roofing materials at an approved dumpsite.


Print the PDF of the bid specifications for this project here, with an easy-to-complete form attached