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Easter Decorations in Congregational Church, ~1899-1900

Easter Decorations in Congregational Church, ~1899-1900

The man behind the pulpit in the third photograph is Rev. William Henry Medlar, who was the minister from ~1898-1903, and lived with the Purdon family during that time.

This church building was located at the corner of Elm and 7th in Alexandria, MN (which is still the site of today’s First Congregational Church), but unfortunately the church building shown in these photographs burned down in February 1936.

These photos came from a scrapbook in the Boyd Family Collection. The photographer was likely Winnie Van Loon Bierd or another close relative or friend, using a Kodak camera of unspecified model and shooting plate photography.

(PS: DCHS will be closed on April 18th, Easter Monday. Thank you!

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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: The first three sepia-toned antique photos show Easter decorations made of flowers and garlands arranged around the pulpit and front of the Congregational Church. The banner in the first photo reads: “Peace be unto you.” The banner in the second and third photos reads “Easter Joy.” In the third photo, Rev. William Henry Medlar stands behind the pulpit, on which lilies have been placed. In the fourth sepia-toned antique photo, the exterior of the brick church building is seen during spring or summer. The lower half the exterior wall is decorated with native cobblestone.]