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Park Region Echo, Feb. 20, 1936 – “Sundogs indicate a break in the cold”

Did you see the sundogs this morning? We just so happened to have recently found a little article in the February 20, 1936 issue of the Park Region Echo discussing this wintry phenomena and what forecast it might bring… What do you think?


Unusually large parhelions (sundogs to you) were visible Tuesday morning at nine o’clock completely encircling the sky, with a streak connecting the individual “dogs.” The sight lasted only a few minutes but attracted considerable attention and prophecies by old timers that it indicated a break in the cold weather, or continued cold weather, depending on the prophet. The mercury in the thermometer at the municipal airport got up as high as zero that day for the first time in a month, but whether the sundogs had anything to do with it or not is a question.”