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Letters to Santa 2021!

We have a handy Letter to Santa template here (with all important information on where to send it!) to help your child write their letter to Santa, but freeform letters & pictures are welcome too!

Letter to Santa 2021 

Letters can be placed into the special Santa Mail letterbox inside DCHS during business hours (10-4:30, M-F) located at 1219 Nokomis Street, Alexandria, MN or mail them to DCHS to pass along to Santa Claus.



Please indicate on the back of the letter (or include a separate note) if you are comfortable with your child’s letter being read on the Z99 Morning show, and/or possibly receiving an email from Mrs. Claus. Thank you!


Mailing Address:

Santa Claus

C/O Douglas County Historical Society

1219 Nokomis Street

Alexandria, MN 56308