COVID19 Response:
Per governor order, we will be closed until further notice. We are happy to take research requests via email at historic@dchsmn.org.  Thank you for your understanding. Immediate concerns may be emailed to brittany.johnson@dchsmn.org.


  • Office Hours:
  • M-F,  8:30-5:00


  • Tours:
  • M-F, 9:00 – 3:00
  • $5/adult, $3/child.
  • Schedule group tours in advance.




ATTN: Food Trucks/Food Vendors! Park at DCHS!

Attention local food trucks/food vendors!

With the current Stay Safe Order keeping our doors closed to guests, we’ve got a big empty parking lot on Nokomis Street. Seems a shame to keep it to ourselves when a neighbor could maybe get a good use out of it!

If you are licensed to vend in Alexandria and are interested in selling from the DCHS parking lot on Nokomis Street (near Noonan Park) please give us a call at 320-762-0382 or email brittany.johnson@dchsmn.org. We’d like to work out a mutually beneficial agreement to encourage donations without having to charge and are open to your input!