Historic photo showing a memorial day parade through alexandria, MN in 1903



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Memorial Day 2020

Cancelled doesn’t mean forgotten… And there’s ways for you to honor Memorial Day and our fallen service members at home or while safely social distancing.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day in the years following the Civil War. This day honors those who died in military service. Observances have included grave decoration, parades, speeches, and more.

Those observances will look different this year, but that doesn’t make their purpose any less important. Over a million have given their life in service. Today is the day we honor those sacrifices.

By congressional resolution, a National Moment of Remembrance takes place at 3.00 pm on Memorial Day. Please join us all this afternoon in taking a quiet moment this afternoon to remember those who didn’t make it home.

In addition, consider spending time at a local cemetery, reading about memorials to those lost to war, watching the PBS National Memorial Day Concert, or observing and honoring the fallen in any way meaningful to you.

(Photos are from Memorial Day parades in Alexandria – the first photo from 1903 and the second photo from 1927)