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Alexandria’s Famous “Molly the Cow” Is Traveling Again, As “Flat Molly”

In 1909, mischievous Alexandria high school students carried out a series of Halloween pranks after school hours, which included leading Molly the Cow into the school and up the steps to a second floor classroom. A sign around Molly’s neck said, “Milk Her, Miss French.” Several students were expelled, but thus began the legend of “Molly – the cow that went through high school.” Post cards were made, and the story spread.  In celebration of Molly, Douglas County Historical Society MN would like to introduce our Flat Molly Adventure.

Molly, the cow who went to high school – 1909

To participate, print out our Flat Molly worksheet, color it fancy or plain, take a photo of your Flat Molly at locations around Douglas County, Minnesota or anywhere in the world.   Share your photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #FlatMolly and #DCHSMN.  We’d love to see all the places that Flat Molly travels, and we will add the photos to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/dchsmn

Click on this link to open the worksheet page for printing:

Flat Molly PDF

(Directions are also on the printout of Flat Molly)

“Flat Molly” and DCHS Director Kim Dillon, at the historic home of Knute and Nicolina Nelson, 1219 Nokomis St. Alexandria, MN 56308

#FlatMolly #DCHSMN